Mark started Lime in 2003 after spending 20+ years in the technical industry. After completing his degree as an audio engineer he spent several years working in some of the foremost recording studios in the country. After moving into I.T Mark decided to go it alone and started Lime in 2003. It has taken years of hard work to get the right people in involved and build a company that can deliver on its promises. 

Simple solutions that deliver
Just because you can doesnt mean you should 

Unfortunately the audio visual industry has gained a reputation for delivering expensive and unreliable systems, too may systems designed by engineers for engineers and too many companies designing systems built on profit margins and not installing the right equipment. We believe it shouldnt be this way, listening to the clients needs and delivering on the brief is the only thing we care about. There are lots of exciting new toys out there but we always test everything to make sure it will stand up to the job in hand before we install it. There are lots of manufacturers offering incentives to purchase their equipment but more often than not its because it doesnt deliver on its promises, we will never install this on our projects.

Part of the family

At lime we approach things a little differently, all of our clients are part of the family and our business was built on referrals. Our responsibilities do not end with the installation, you have 24/7 access to the engineer that installed your project, we will be with you all the way.

Mark - the OCD PIA

Audio engineer with 30+ years in the industry, he can fix anything but his OCD means he spends so long on site we never make any money.


Mel - the guru

Lighting designer and the one that keeps us all organised. Without Mel we would all just be playing with toys in the office.


OB - the AV wiz

Awesome AV engineer, tall, handsome and funny...we all hate him! 


Carole - the money

Runs the boring business side of things, keeps the projects on track and makes sure we have our lunch money.


Andy - the I.T geek

I.T extraordinaire, Andy has been in I.T for 20+ years and has a list of networking qualifications that would make Bill Gates jealous.

Steve - the cable ninja

Single handedly responsible for the installation of more Cat6 than any other human being.


Tom - the AV engineer

Been in the industry so long he can program anything, even your old Sinclair Spectrum.


Paul - the apprentice

Young and keen to learn the trade Paul has recently finished university and looking to start his career in AV...and makes an great cup of tea.

Dan - the builder

If we are working on projects that are not a part of a refurbishment then Dan and his tools are there.


Hannah - the social one

Handles all our media and events