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wi-fi & Networking

The network is the core of any successful system, if this is not right the entire system will be troublesome and unreliable which is why we have fully qualified IT engineers on our team.

We work closely with BT (so you don't have to!) so you can have the best and fastest internet and with our business router you can stream your music or videos without any annoying interruptions.

the foundation
Getting it right

Unfortunately a lot of audio visual companies do not get this right, the network is the core of a successful system, this is why we employ qualified network engineers who design and install our systems, the right person in the right job delivers the right results.

the right choice
Tried & tested equipment

We design simple, elegant systems based on tried and tested technology. Too many installers like playing with toys at the customers expense only to find out they do not deliver the results. We only design systems that fulfill the customers brief and not an engineers play time.

Wi-Fi Everywhere
Photo of Family using Wi-fi
Keeping them happy

One of the biggest causes of annoyance in any home is unreliable Wi-Fi. We could bore you to tears with the technology but the bottom line is we will provide complete coverage of your home and garden...simple as that.