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Steinway Lyngdorf
The worlds finest audio systems

Ever since its inception in 2005, Steinway Lyngdorf has represented the absolute top in Hi-Fi. The brand has come to be synonymous with unmatched craftsmanship and the most advanced digital technology available, created from the ground up to create the finest reference in audio reproduction in the 21st century.

Steinway Lyngdorf is a collaboration between two companies, each of which is well-reputed and known to be the absolute best in their respective fields. The legendary Steinway & Sons grand piano belongs to the fixed fixtures in the world's best concert halls and recording studios, while Danish Lyngdorf Audio has become globally recognized for its revolutionary technology and digital Hi-Fi components.

Steinway & Sons model d
A Flagship Masterpiece

Steinway Lyngdorf Model D

This flagship masterpiece is designed for the discriminating audio aficionado. Combining state-of-the-art innovations in sound reproduction with finely-crafted aesthetics, the Model D is the first—and best—system of its kind.

The Model D is a full range floor-standing dipole speaker which emits sound from both front and back. Unrestricted by the vibrations of conventional cabinets, it interacts with the room like a Steinway & Sons grand piano does, resulting in extremely open and life-like musicality, with no resonance and no coloration.

For the most formal presentation, the Model D is available in an iconic black lacquer. Using time-honored techniques, trained craftsmen ensure that the finish of each component attains the highest standard of quality. And to complement any personal style, it’s also available in a wide selection of exquisite custom wood and high-gloss colour lacquers.

With more than 170 hours of precision machining behind each speaker, the Model D speaker is a rugged powerhouse of strength and performance. The baffle is milled from solid blocks of aluminum to offer complete stability to the drive units. The result is perfect audio reproduction and completely stabilized synchronicity between signal and sound.

The optional head unit stereo processor stands just over three feet in height, and is a testament to both craftsmanship and control. The distinctive volume wheel, for example, is crafted from 1 kg of gold-plated brass and mounted on precision-machined Swiss bearings. Weighing 4kg, the integrated CD player’s rigid construction is combined with a 6mm thick loader mechanism and a solid aluminum disc tray, resulting in an utterly reliable and extremely stable unit.

The CD drive also features exceptional vibration decoupling to ensure optimal optical reading. It is perfect for all kinds of music, and rockets ahead on powerful bass with impeccable weight and impact.

Steinway & sons Model B
Extraordinary performance

Steinway Lyngdorf Model B

This full range loudspeaker is designed for creating the holographic stereo reproduction of the Steinway & Sons Model D speakers through use of the dipole speaker concept – all in a smaller package. The Steinway & Sons Model B not only looks powerful with its impressive line-up of drivers, but together with the digital crossover and true quad-amplification of the 4 x 400-watt digital amplifier, Steinway & Sons Model A2, the resulting sound reproduction is nothing short of stunning.

A dipole speaker requires a large front area to separate the front and rear radiation of low frequency sound. In the Model B, the sides are elegantly folded back to add to the acoustic width of the speaker. Furthermore, the six pieces of woofer add up to an extremely large radiating surface capable of producing a linear output down to 25 Hz.

The six bass drivers are tightly packed in a push-pull configuration, which eliminates the nonlinearities of inward and outward movements in the drivers and, together with the extremely effective midrange driver and tweeter, the dynamic performance of this dipole speaker is surpassed only by the Steinway Lyngdorf Model D.

The tweeter is the renowned Air Motion Transformer, which is used in all Steinway Lyngdorf speakers and features a moving surface four times bigger than a normal tweeter. The resulting resolution and stress-free movement ensures the correct reproduction of all overtones of the instruments playing.

For the midrange driver, we selected the unit from the Steinway & Sons Model S speaker, as its neodymium magnet and the aluminum cone is a perfect engine for creating an exact copy of the recorded voice or instrument.

With tweeter, midrange, and woofers individually adjusted and controlled by the four-way amplifier, it is possible to perfect the frequency response and time domain of each component, and the overall performance will take your breath away.

The relatively small footprint and dipole construction allows for the Steinway & Sons Model B to be positioned quite freely in the room. The distance to the rear wall should not be less than one meter for optimal sound reproduction, and the speakers should have a small toe-in stance to enjoy the full effects of the reflecting sound.

A dipole speaker generally works with the room acoustics, unlike normal box speakers, and if the room and decor is not completely symmetrical around the speakers, RoomPerfect™ will clean up the negative effects to the sound.

The Steinway Lyngdorf Model B is an engineering piece of art and an integral member of the impressive line-up of Steinway & Sons labelled speakers.

Steinway & sons Model o
A stunning performance

Steinway Lyngdorf Model O

This full-range loudspeaker is designed to provide the legendary Steinway & Sons performance in a small package without the need for a separate woofer. The Steinway & Sons Model O functions impeccably as a surround speaker or a simple stereo setup, and its small footprint makes it a perfect alternative to wall mounted speakers.

A stunning performance

The tweeter used in the Model O is the uniquely engineered Air Motion Transformer used in all Steinway Lyngdorf speakers. With a moving surface four times bigger than a normal dome tweeter, the resulting resolution and stress-free movements ensure the correct and detailed reproduction of all overtones of the instruments playing.

The midrange driver is a specially designed 6” aluminum driver with a very large magnet. This driver is extremely efficient yet compact in size making it the ideal solution for maximizing performance while minimizing cabinet size. This powerful midrange driver is paired with an 8” slave unit to provide full-range reproduction and impactful bass.

Steinway & sons Model M
On wall excellence

Steinway Lyngdorf Model M

The Model M series is anything you want it to be. For style-conscious audio enthusiasts who prefer a discreet, customizable installation, the Model M delivers. The system’s slim and stylish architectural speakers can be mounted on or in walls and ceilings, partially or completely concealed, for a discreet installation of powerful speakers offering as high or low a profile as you desire. Whether a large home theater or an intimate living room, your environment reflects your design style. The Model M just makes it sound better.

Strong metal cabinet

The Model M’s speaker cabinets are 100% aluminum, employing internal bracings and a thick front to hold the drive units in place. This dampens resonance and increases efficiency, and compared to wood cabinets, the Model M’s structure minimizes gross volume.

Steinway & sons
Model S
Logic-defying performance

Steinway Lyngdorf Model S

The Model S series has been installed in hundreds of high performance home cinemas and living rooms all over the world. It is petite and so discreet it can be installed without compromising décor, but don´t let the size fool you. The Model S-15 is an incredibly powerful speaker recognized with numerous awards and accolades, making it the clear choice for those seeking perfection at a competitive price point.

Logic-defying performance

The performance of the petite Model S is nothing short of extraordinary. The reason is partly due to the innovative design of the Steinway & Sons Model S-15 speaker. Because the Model S-15 relegates bass duties to boundary woofers, it reproduces only high and midrange frequencies, and it does both with incredible volume capabilities and zero distortion. Its legendary performance makes it a perfect match for medium-sized high-performance home theaters.

Ambience enhancing radiation

A key feature of the Model S-15 speaker is its innovative AER (Ambience Enhancing Radiation) dipole tweeter design. This design disperses the highest frequencies, which produces a spacious and live effect throughout the listening room, similar to the effect you get from our flagship Model D speaker or a live instrument.

Contact us and visit our exclusive demonstration facility where you can experience all the Steinway & Sons systems in both Hi-Fi and cinema configurations. 

What makes it so good

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room perfect

Perfect sound through RoomPerfect™

One of the world’s most sophisticated solutions for adapting the sound system to the environment

Most high-end products are developed in sonically-ideal listening rooms with optimized dimensions and acoustic treatments. However, in reality, sound systems are installed in authentic living spaces, not sound labs. Your sound system should be perfect in your environment—and we can promise it will be. RoomPerfect™, developed by Peter Lyngdorf, is the end product of more than two decades of pioneering audio research and development. It is an intelligent system, which not only identifies the characteristics of the sound of your speakers but also requires specific measurements of your room acoustics. It then applies corrections to the signal over a twenty-minute process that leaves you with sound that’s perfectly adapted for the shape, size, and acoustic properties of your room.

boundry woofers

Soul-stirring bass notes

Heart-stopping, soul-stirring bass notes, delivered with pure perfection.

Able to handle the lowest frequencies with unprecedented speed and accuracy, the Steinway Lyngdorf boundary woofer replaces the standard subwoofer. Placing our boundary woofers in the recommended corner position allows the first critical reflections and direct sound to arrive simultaneously at the listening position, thus dramatically improving sound attack and timing.

Bass Management

Pinpoint the lowest frequencies

In a conventional subwoofer setup, it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly where the bass notes are coming from; bass simply becomes a low frequency sound that fills the entire room. With our systems, you are able to pinpoint even the lowest frequencies in a 360 degree circle around you. Thus, bass music notes—not to mention the crashes, bangs, and booms of your favorite action films—are replayed exactly the way the sound engineer intended.

fully digital

Fully digital processors and amplifiers without sound-deteriorating digital-to-analog conversions ensure sound is replayed completely intact, delivering the purest sound possible.

Flexibility and scalability

Sound systems from Steinway Lyngdorf are designed for flexibility and scalability. From discreet stereo and surround systems to grand in-room systems, every Steinway Lyngdorf setup is customizable using components from across the entire product program. In keeping with the Steinway & Sons legacy for quality and perfection, all of our sound systems are completely genuine, never adulterated with sound processors, amplifiers, or speakers from other manufacturers. We maintain a closed system so that we can ensure the quality of the audio that reaches your ears. The purity of our systems is what enables us to promise perfection, every time.

Contact us and visit our exclusive demonstration facility where you can experience all the Steinway & Sons systems in both Hi-Fi and cinema configurations.