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Having music in all rooms can now be an integral part of the design of a room with in-built speakers, hidden in walls and ceilings or the most beautifully designed speakers that complement the décor of each room. We can advise on customised systems that will compliment any room providing a superb quality sound.

We can have your music system set up to play in one room, a mixture of rooms or all rooms for the party atmosphere at an exceedingly simple press of a button either on a dedicated home automation controller or even just on your phone, it couldn’t be simpler to have great quality music all around your home.

Music everywhere
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Simplify your music

No matter where your music is stored, Just press play! With our intuitive audio systems you can play it throughout your home with ease. Listen to different music in different rooms, or link all rooms in your home together for that party atmosphere.


hidden technology working with your interior design to give the best of both worlds


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Working with your design

We design each of our installations to suit your property’s requirements and work hard to ensure everything is hidden from view, no unsightly speakers just totally discreet performance.

Studio quality at home

Often multi-room audio is not given the attention it deserves, convenience does not need to be at the expense of quality. Our qualified audio engineers design systems that disappear into your home and still deliver studio quality sound.