Lighting design  

We can design, supply and install lighting systems that will transform your home
Clever lighting can transform your home creating an ambience and setting the scene for every occasion. For the ultimate convenience and personalisation you can adjust lighting and blinds with pre-set scenes to create moods from romantic to bright reading areas.

For extra efficiency and convenience you can set your lights to appear as if you are at home when in fact you are lying on your favourite beach, you can dull the lights in your home cinema at the touch of a button or even pre-set times of the day or night to switch on/off certain areas with our clever lighting systems.

Attention to detail

So often lighting is overlooked as part of the build process and left to trades who do not fully understand the potential of a successful lighting design. We believe that lighting should be at the heart of the process and work with your architects and designers to deliver visually stunning spaces. We combine technical expertise with the latest technology and with a uniquely creative approach to deliver a result that will transform your home.

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Keeping it Simple

Keeping the control of your system as simple as possible will result in you enjoying all the benefits of a successful design at the touch of a button. Automated lighting and shading scenes based on your lifestyle will give you stunning results, when you arrive home our systems can set the appropriate scene and even turn on your favourite playlist.