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the wall

Elevate your home interiors with The Wall

Bring inspiration home

The Wall is a new innovation in home entertainment—a super-sized bespoke display, built to your own specifications and made-to-measure for any space. It blends perfectly with your décor, acting as an extension of your own personal style. With bold, stunning visuals, it creates the most inspiring multimedia entertainment. It’s a true one-of-a-kind on your wall, welcoming you to a new world of limitless experiences.


Thought your 65-inch TV was on the large side? Samsungs 8K modular MicroLED TV with a maximum display size of 292 inches, for the truly ambitious among you.

Photo of Samsung Wall 292 inc screen
292 inch screen

Limitless visual experiences

Step into sophistication with stunning visual experiences. Enjoy the latest must-see shows and movies, or play games on a display as large as you want. The Wall delivers extraordinary picture quality with striking contrast and lifelike colours. So, you get high quality visuals, and you can pick out every tiny detail. Plus, you can be sure you always get the best picture, with incredible levels of brightness—in any light.

Photo of Samsung Wall LED Panel
Works with your design

Limitless personalisation

Break free from what you think is possible. With modular LED panels, The Wall lets you decide the size and shape of your screen, meaning you can personalise it to fit any environment. Exhibit your personal art and photos. Or display true-to-life outdoor scenes to create a window to the world. You can even design bespoke background themes that blend perfectly with your décor and reflect your personal style.

Photo of Samsung Wall 8k Resolution
8K resolution

Limitless control

Experience a true technological masterpiece. With The Wall, you control how your display looks, how it works and how it complements any space. Go beyond traditional viewing to manage content in innovative ways—showcasing media or creating stunning backdrops that harmoniously synchronise with your life and style. You can control The Wall in two ways—with the one-touch remote for simple functions, or the tablet remote for more complex settings. You can even link it with your home automation system to make it an integral part of your smart home.

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