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The Lyngdorf Audio approach to developing products has always been to implement technologies which are tested, proven, and supported by hard facts. Our technologies are there for a reason, and they make a difference. For more than a decade, Lyngdorf Audio technologies have emerged as some of the greatest developments in sound science.

Lyngdorf audio
Fully digital

Lyngdorf Audio TDAI-3400 Digital Amplifier

TDAI-3400 is the most versatile processor and amplifier combination on the market and built for the demanding audiophile with 2 x 400 W of power with an impressive feature set.

There is also a built-in media player that connects to services like Spotify Connect and Airplay. Through the network or via the USB connectors, one can access music libraries through the DLNA/UPnP enabled player.

The TDAI-3400 comes complete with proprietary RoomPerfect™ technology including a new voicing tool which allows users to create up to 32 unique EQ voicings.

lyngdorf audio
mp50 processor
The ultimate experience

Lyngdorf Audio MP50 Surround Sound Processor

When it comes to room correction technology, nothing comes close to the MP-50’s RoomPerfect™, the world’s most sophisticated technology for adapting the sound system to your room.

Other highlights from the MP-50´s exhaustive specifications list include a state-of-the-art HDMI stage with 4K pass-through and HDCP 2.2; support for Dolby® Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D®; 16 balanced XLR outputs for power amplifiers; a voicing tool to cater to personal preferences; fully digital signal processing; and an optional DCI-compliant digital AES/EBU input for integration with digital cinema servers.

Lyngdorf Audio
New standard in sound

Lyngdorf Audio TDAI-2170 Digital Amplifier

The Lyngdorf Audio TDAI-2170 true digital integrated amplifier with RoomPerfect™ is designed to work with any loudspeakers, regardless of size, shape, brand,  passive or active the TDAI-2170 will get the best from them,  providing a breakthrough in the quality and consistency of sound production.

The weakest link in any quality stereo system is the acoustics of the room.

No matter the room or speakers used RoomPerfect™ allows you to quickly and precisely tailor them to the listening room.  The world’s only 3 dimensional room correction system RoomPerfect™ drastically reduce room errors from a typical 15-20dB to less than 2dB.

When you combine speakers with the use of single or dual active subwoofers it will create the very best full range system, that can dive to the lowest depths found in any music genre and with RoomPerfect™ employed,  giving the perfect crossover blend between speakers and subwoofer(s).

Lyngdorf Audio
FR-1 Loudspeaker
Exceptionally open

Lyngdorf Audio FR-1 Loudspeaker

The FR-1 is a full range loudspeaker with a focus on optimal dynamic performance combined with genuine musicality. Free from the need for a subwoofer, the FR-1 offers exceptionally open voices and tight, clean transients supported by a new driver and larger cabinet than Lyngdorf Audio’s MH-2 loudspeaker. It is an exceptional choice for both elegant stereo or home cinema installations.

Price per pair.

Lyngdorf Audio
BW2 Subwoofer
Small box BIG power

Lyngdorf Audio BW2 Subwoofer

The BW-2 allows for very versatile placement.  The 10″ woofer is offset in the cabinet, facilitating optimal audio reproduction at both horizontal and vertical placement.  And the built-in powerful and intelligently designed electronics allow the BW-2 to be used with conventional amplifiers as well as Lyngdorf Audio amplifiers.

Lyngdorf Audio
MH2 Loudspeaker
Style and substance

Lyngdorf Audio MH2 Loudspeaker

The very shallow MH-2 satellite speakers can be placed on furniture or wall mounted.

Performance-wise they can hold their ground on their own, but the are designed to be complemented by one or more high-end subwoofers, ideally with the BW-2.

Price per speaker.

Lyngdorf Audio
SDA2400 Amplifier
Outstanding performance

Lyngdorf Audio SDA2400 Power Amplifier

The versatile SDA-2400 digital stereo power amplifier features both analog and digital inputs and optional rack mounts, as well as a range of novel features to deliver outstanding performance in a wide range of applications.

The SDA-2400 includes both traditional balanced and single-ended analog inputs in addition to digital inputs to cover any need. This power amplifier can function in a traditional stereo and multichannel setup—but also as a powerful addition to single standing media players and streaming devices with integrated volume control.

The inputs are based upon the Wolfson WM8804 PLL Transceiver for excellent dynamic performance and improved tolerance to clock jitter.

​The SDA-2400 has no on/off button. It will automatically go into stand-by mode when not in use. When a signal is detected, the amplifier will turn on automatically.

If your connected device has a 12V trigger output, you can set the amplifier to be always on; then, with the trigger, you can control the power state of the SDA-2400, and even daisy-chain several SDA-2400 amplifiers.

Lyngdorf Audio
CD2 CD Player
Unsurpassed performance

Lyngdorf Audio CD2 Compact Disc Player

Designed, developed, and manufactured in Denmark, the pure audio CD-2 provides the unsurpassed performance expected from a Lyngdorf Audio product. Developed with the experience gained from multiple-award-winning Lyngdorf Audio digital amplifiers and CD players, this player is one of the best sounding pure audio CD players on the market.

The CD-2 is designed for audio only, and for this reason, using a pure audio drive is both simpler and better. All multi-format drives are based on video designs and clocks, and the audio output is then re-sampled (uncontrolled) to audio output clocks. Many choose to optimize the clock on the drive itself, but no matter what you do, ground potentials are difficult to control and the engine control board is noise-inducing.

The Lyngdorf Audio philosophy is to get the audio signal as clean as possible and to do the optimization based on the Lyngdorf Audio precision clock system. Based on previous work with CD players and fully digital amplifiers, we know the do’s and don’ts of clock systems. For the CD-2, we have taken the clock from the Millennium Mk IV and implemented it into the CD-2. The key is low phase noise in the audio band.

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