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Cinema & TV

Have the fantastic cinema experience with your family and friends without even leaving your home. Using leading technology we install solutions that range from the ultimate bespoke dedicated cinema rooms to stunning media rooms or even a small TV with a soundbar. Whatever your requirements we will deliver the correct solution for you.


Bespoke Cinema Rooms
For the ultimate movie experience

For the ultimate movie experience nothing compares to a dedicated cinema room, this does not mean it has to be a dark room in the basement, we design stunning cinema rooms for the whole family to enjoy, from a simple 5.1 to the latest Dolby Atmos surround sound we will have your home cinema sounding better than any multiplex. Whether you are watching the latest big action block buster or listening to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra our cinemas will deliver the best sound and picture every time.  

Media Rooms
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Hidden technology

Media rooms are usually multi-use rooms that will feature a large screen TV and possibly a drop down projector screen but this doesn't mean you need to compromise on quality. We can install systems that work seamlessly with your interior design and still deliver stunning results, from hidden speakers to TV's that disappear into your joinery, you can still enjoy that big movie experience.

Distributed systems
No mess no fuss

Designed for larger properties with lots of screens, distributed systems house all of the technology out of sight and deliver it to the screen with one simple cable, no mess, no fuss just one simple remote control.